Marijuana and Idaho

Just days after a Colorado law when into effect allowing recreational marijuana use, the question of how this impacts Idaho is being asked.

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wisdomdove - 1/6/2014 2:08 AM
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Apple seeds are a natural substance. Arsenic is in apple seeds which is poisonous. Wine is natural and fruit that falls on the ground naturally ferments into wine. A National Geographic documentary showed the goats eating it under a tree and becoming intoxicated. Mushrooms grow naturally in your garden, but some are extremely poisonous. Mohammad, the prophet, who wrote the scriptures of Islam, passed away after eating natural mushrooms in a meal given to him, as the mushrooms tasted good, but were poisonous. Water is natural, but too much can kill. A mother in Arizona gave her daughter a lot of water to avoid becoming dehydrated, but the large quantity of this natural substance, - water - killed her daughter. Strange. Chocolate is natural, but it is deadly to dogs. Poppy, the most beautiful flower, makes a deadly poison called opium that permanently destroys mental functions. The destruction of the mind is painless. A surgeon can operate on your brain without anesthesia. Since you do not feel the pain, you are fooled into thinking drugs are okay, but the evidence shows severe mental destruction & memory loss. The lack of knowledge and wisdom and awareness are lost in the fog of addiction. The mental functions de-evolve your mind backwards to very low intelligence. Every species has powers enabled for survival. Lions have claws and teeth. Elephants are big and strong. Humans have wisdom and knowledge. Addiction, then, takes away your ability to survive. You are being eliminated by those who entice you into addiction. The mind has a separate longevity than the rest of the body. Your body can live a long time, but when damaged by drugs, your mind will regress to three years old, which is the default age, and, you will be helpless, while your body is still strong. It is called dementia and which leads to Alzheimer's. You don't even know that you have dementia. Those who have self-discipline and reasoning will inherit the world with extraordinary mental powers.

cometcaliente - 1/4/2014 10:29 AM
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sergeant Winas need to find a new line of work or work on changing the way they test for impaired drivers if you were high in colorado by the time you got back to idaho it's affects would have worn off so there is no way you would be driving impaired at that point any arrest for dui is not about public safety and only serves one purpose of revenue generation.

billydawg - 1/4/2014 6:30 AM
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the reason cannabis stays in your body longer is because its a natural substance ? alcohol on the other hand is a poison and your body (liver ) gets rid of it as fast as possible .same as meth ,coke and other big pharma drugs .I think its time to have the discussion about medical cannabis in Idaho . the facts are facts and the science is real . we have studies from all around the world and in America to . these studies are proof that the reefer madness era is over .our government has known that cannabis shrinks tumors by 70% since 1972 ?(schaffer report )look it up do the research about cannabis and cancer ,ms. lupos,epilepsy,ptsd, asthma, and the list goes on and on ? we have been lied to about a natural plant for 80 years now ? all in the name of profit and control? not only is this plant healing people it also offers many other renewable resources which threaten the profits of other mega industries ? so Idaho its time to wake up and smell the roses ,pull off your blinders and seek the truth ! you have been lied to,scammed,thrown in jail or prison ,familys destroyed,income lost ? all for one big corporate lie ? the gateway drug is alcohol we all know it ? the cure for cancer is here and they do not want you to know it because cancer is ? big business !!!!!!!! go to and you will be blown away with whats happening with cannabis and cancer! one other thing ,during your research try to find out how many people have died from cannabis consumption ? none? 0 ? ever recorded anywhere throughout time ? still no belief ? maybe you think god would not want cannabis ? think again read your bible and this plant is mentioned several times and is the main ingredient in the holy oil ! so in the end Idaho , until you stand up do the research ,find out the facts of this truly amazing plant, your loved ones will be prosecuted , some will die ,and tens of thousands will be told to use harmful narcotics instead of a safe non-toxic plant ? your choice move or die ?
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