Update: Papa Murphy's Issues Statement Regarding Hepatitis Scare

Local health officials say customers of Papa Murphy’s in Chubbuck may have been exposed to Hepatitis A after an employee was confirmed as having the disease.

Click here to read the full story.

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RxStudent - 5/4/2013 10:33 PM
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Yes, Hep A is usually not fatal and since most of us didn't eat the pizza raw, we should be fine. However, I do take issue with your argument against the vaccine. While it is true that this vaccine, as well as the chicken pox and MMR vaccine must be cultured in a living cell, there is no tissue involved. Any foreign tissue in your system would cause an extreme immune reaction that could result in death (hence the need for lifelong immunsuppressant agents with organ transplants). Yes, the original cells did come from an abortion in 1966, but since then, no further abortions have been necessary to culture the vaccine. Yes, thimerosal is present in some of these vaccines, but since the 90s, Hep A has been available as thimerosal free. As far as neomycin being nephrotoxic, yes, it can be, as can a million other agents, including ibuprofen and other commonly used NSAIDs. Unless you are pregnant, have an allergy to neomycin or certain other antibiotics classes, or existing kidney disease, this vaccine should be no issue. I agree, vaccinations should be a choice, but I felt like I needed to add some of the positives of vaccinations as well. They really are extremely safe and have saved many more lives than they've endangered. -A pharmacy student

wakeup - 5/3/2013 1:24 PM
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Whenever making a major health care decision for yourself or your child, especially one that involves use of a pharmaceutical product such as a vaccine, obtaining information from many different sources and consulting health care professionals you trust is important. Compare the effects of contracting the disease to the possible side effects of the vaccine: educate yourself. Hep A can cause an illness that lasts anywhere from a few weeks to a few months with symptoms including: Fatigue, Fever Nausea Appetite loss Jaundice Clay-coloured bowel movements Very low mortality rate. The Vaccine however is an injection full of toxins like aluminum, mrc-5 cellular proteins (did you know its derived from aborted fetus tissue?) Neomycin- used as an anti-bacterial. It is also nephrotoxic and can cause kidney damage I urge anyone to do you own research before heading to the doctor for a vaccine. there are resources everywhere in this day and age, become informed.
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