Update: Wrong Body Identified in Craters of the Moon

Officials now say dental records show the body recovered in Craters of the Moon National Monument actually belongs to Amelia Linkert, not Dr. Jodean Elliott-Blakeslee.

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mareyw - 9/28/2013 1:42 PM
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Are those their driver's license photos? Confused how they could not be found at Craters, it's pretty flat out there.

BKtkr - 9/28/2013 5:14 AM
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So in your world the term "douchebag" is not a personal attack? A little jibe at the Obama bumpersticker and this is the retaliation from you. All you liberal scum are the same, cannot take anything for what it is, everything is somehow an attack... I have no doubt both these ladies were very nice people, I hope they find the Dr alive.. but if 1 person reads this and does not repeat the mistakes that have alread cost 1 life, it will be worth it. 1. Do not leave pets in cars for any amount of time. 2. Take a cell phone at a minimum..911 works a lot of time when you have no bars showing..Buy a SPOT beacon. 3. Let someone know where/when you are going, if someone had known sooner they were missing, they may have been found.

lvslvlywrds - 9/27/2013 10:11 AM
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There is a difference between "not true" and "insensitive. The last statement in your ridiculous first comment is completely unnecessary. Who cares what political views they had. Grow up, learn to accept when you are wrong, and have a heart. As for their treatment of their animals; Amy loves those dogs, and Jo did as well. For someone who has NO idea who these people are, you are completely in the wrong for attacking their political views and their treatment of the dogs. It was a short hike, they left the windows open, water in the car, and the dogs are okay. To contradict your arguments implying that they brought this upon themselves. Amy and Jo are/were experienced hikers. Cell phone service in that area is spotty at best. It was a short hike, so personal locator beacons are rarely brought along, by anyone. As for your statement on my "personal attack" - excuse you, but take your own advice. To use your own words, name one thing I said that wasnt based in fact. Your rude, and unfounded assumptions are painting you in a negative light. Regarding the investigation, I truly hope they find Amy, so this tragic story has some silver lining. Jo was a wonderful woman, and Amy has such a beautiful soul. I really hope that this story has a silver lining.

BKtkr - 9/26/2013 9:36 AM
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Insensitivity? I feel horrible this lady died, I feel horrible the other is missing...I feel horrible that they made poor choices. If anyone reads this and learns and saves their life, it will be worth it. First: Do not leave dogs in vehicles, even for a short amount of time..second, take your cell phone. third, if you are going to remote areas, spend the money and buy a personal locator beacon (SPOT)... it may be a few hundred dollars, but it can and will save your life... btw lvsvlywords? Personal attacks on me do not help, name 1 thing I wrote that is not the truth...

lvslvlywrds - 9/26/2013 7:59 AM
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BKtkr I am disgusted at your insensitivity. You don't know the circumstances. Stop making assumptions and painting yourself the douchebag.

BKtkr - 9/26/2013 5:26 AM
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Piper... It is illegal to leave dogs in vehicles, even for a short amount of time..I'm sure these two ladies were not intending to leave them there for any lare amount of time, but, as we now know, accidents happen. These dogs could have also perished. The animals should have been left at the RV, have someone watch them while you are gone... something. It is very sad that at least 1 lady has died, very sorry for that... also, why did they leave their cell phones behind?

piper - 9/25/2013 8:20 PM
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You leave your dogs in the car when you are going for a short hike in a national park where dogs are not allowed. Stop being so judgmental.

BKtkr - 9/25/2013 1:17 PM
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I hope these 2 are found safe...but, who leaves dogs in a vehicle? The Obama/Biden bumper sticker kind of gives that away...
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