Take a break from the technological woes of modern society and transport yourself to a time of battle-hardened knights, fair maidens, and roving jesters. The family-friendly faire abounds with entertainment for all ages, and attendees can peruse the wares of food vendors and period-specific craftspeople. Here’s a closer look at some of the faire’s offerings: TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS: With weapon in hand, armor-clad knights display their battlefield skills and clash to win the hand of the Faire’s princess. SHOWS AND PERFORMANCES: Grab a seat at the William Shakespeare Performance stage, or learn medieval dances at our Maypole. FAIRIES AND MAGIC: Take in a fire and magic show by the Amazing Ainsley Ferguson, or explore our fairy forest and meet the wonderful creatures inside. KING'S FEAST: Dine in style with the King and his nobles over a 5 course meal. Enjoy your choice of Smoked Tri Tip Beef or Chicken. (Additional Cost: $30 per person or $50 for couple) Tickets Pricing: $8 Adults (12 years and Older) $6 Children (Ages 4 to 12) $30 Kings Feast (Per Person)/$50 Kings Feast (Per Couple) Visit www.renaissancefaireidaho.com for more information.


  • Occurs Friday, June 21st, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 8:00 pm


East Idaho Renaissance Faire

5925 South 4300 West
REXBURG, 83440

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