Pocatello's Kind Community organization is playing an active role in the curriculum at the Pocatello Community Charter School.

"It fits really great with our charter and our motto of seeking excellence, being kind, no excuses and working hard," PCCS counselor Laura Whaley says. "It really fits with the philosophy of our school." 

Once a week students at PCCS gather at lunch for a Kind Community meeting

"It's really fostered a sense of warmth in the fifth and sixth grade girls, and it's been a really good thing for the school," Whaley says.

The Kind Community organization provides local school with curriculum, project ideas and support to foster kindness within the school.

Students at PCCS have used that curriculum to perform random acts of kindness, create a kindness wall and produce a kindness magazine to hand out to their peers.

"I'm working on the design team to design all the pages and who has what pages," fifth grader Stevanne Hebert says.

"[They’re] collaborating stories about bullying, but also stories about kindness and perseverance and how to make it through those sorts of circumstances that can be hard for kids," Whaley says.

Along with learning the principle of kindness, the students are developing fundamental leadership skills they can use in the future

"[They are] getting involved and excited about the work they're doing,” Whaley says. “We've been talking about doing a service project in the future and a fundraiser after we're done with the Kind Magazine. So they're… getting those service and collaboration, listening skills and really working together."

The creators of Kind Community offer their curriculum and assistance to any area school interested in starting their own Kind Community program.

For more information on Kind Community visit https://www.facebook.com/kindcommunity/?fref=ts .


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