Charity Houdek found am interest in jewelry at a young age. Her dad was a rock hound and since high school she has taken classes on metal work. She is not your average jeweler.

"I am an actual trained silversmith,” says Charity. “Which means I can basically do any type of fabrication with silversmith, any type of soldering, metal work."

This passion lead her to create Leka Jewelry. “This is my passion, this is my artwork, this is how I express myself. I just want to share that with the world." She says there something very special about handmade jewelry that you just can't find in stores.

"I love it because every day something is different. You have different things going on with family, work, and life and it brings out different personalities in you, and when you express yourself through art, it comes out in different styles."

One of her favorite parts of owning Leka Jewelry is hearing customers’ stories.

"Jewelry is very sentimental, it is a very personable thing, and so you get the funniest stories about people's sweethearts,” says Charity. “When customers come back and tell me how much they were so excited when they gave it to her and she loved it."

Charity's company is named after her daughter Leka, so since the business is personal for her, she wants to make sure it is personal for her customers too.

“I do quite a bit of custom work, especially for people that have a special stone, when they have something that somebody gave them and I make that into wearable jewelry."

You can purchase your own piece of Leka jewelry at:


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