What started as a sawmill and logging operation in 1949 in Spencer, Idaho has turned into a nationally recognized company. Yellowstone Log Homes is based in Rigby.

"We supply logs everywhere...anywhere that there's mountains and a need for log houses we're willing to take care of it" David Youngstrom, president of Yellowstone Log Homes, says.

David’s father, Lewis Youngstrom, engineered the machinery for their mills, and the family continues to fine tune the process.

"All of our machinery is custom made, it's never finished, and it’s always a work in progress" David says.

Most of the homes produced by the company are made with logs that come through the mill; each log is trimmed down and smoothed out by the custom made machinery.

"Most of our logs are milled logs that go through a lathe, and so they're machined to a uniform diameter, grooved and notched with machines," David says. "Probably 95 percent of the log homes that we provide are milled log homes."

A select few, around 5 percent, are custom milled by the company's craftsmen.

"Handcrafted log homes, they're a specialty log home," David says.

Youngstrom says making log homes by hand is a true American tradition that takes log smiths thousands of hours to complete.

"They're all hand-hewn so they're, they peel off the bark and things like that, to make just a very unique, and homemade" Craig Youngstrom, log smith, says.

Each home is precisely measured, cut and built on-site before being shipped to its final destination.

"The house is completely put together here in Rigby, and when it's time to ship, it'll be disassembled," Craig says. "All the logs will be numbered as they're taken down off the structure. The last log to go on to the truck...will be the first log needed on the construction site" 

In 2015 roughly 150 log homes were milled at the site compared to just two handcrafted homes.


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