Luke and Nikki Bunzow turned what used to be a creative hobby into a thriving Pocatello business.

“So it started out with just making glassware. Just grinding bottles and cutting and polishing them up just to make our own glassware,” shares Lucas Bunzow, the Co-Owner. “And then it moved on to making candles - we learned how to make our own candles. And then from there we started making jewelry, and our options kind of opened up from there."

Although candles are their favorite products to create, their best sellers are their earrings. The most popular are the Belvedere earrings or the Grey Goose earrings.

They also have been slicing the necks off of the bottles and making hoop earrings.

Bunzow Glass may just sound like a fun business venture, but there is a deeper cause to their work: Pocatello does not currently recycle glass and because of that it all just goes to the land fill.

The Bunzows are not saving the earth by themselves - their company has become a community cause. They have seven different bars and restaurants that we collect from regularly.

Nikki and Lucas work at one of those restaurants – The Sandpiper.  They keep an eye out for future pieces of art work.

“There is this whiskey that I always try to sell because it is such a good whiskey, but it is such a cool bottle too," laughs Lucas Bunzow.

Bunzow Glass has big plans to recycle more bottles and create more products with their upcoming project of making Glass Mulch.

“We want to be able to make a lot of tumbled glass to use for landscaping, aquariums, even fire pits,” explains Lucas Bunzow. “If we could do that, that means we could probably take in ten times the amount of glass we take in now."

Bunzow Glass does custom work as well. You can order your own piece of BunzowGlass by attending their booth around town or contacting Luke and Nikki at

If you want to visit the Bunzow Glass booth in person they will be at upcoming shows around Pocatello.

They will be at the Portneuf Brewery “Crafts and Drafts” event on November 12th and at the Red Lion Craft Show on December 3rd.



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