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On the side of Koran Road in South Bossier sits a new historic marker, wrapped in plastic, waiting to be unveiled this coming Sunday. What it will highlight is a time in history often forgotten by those in the area, when the color of a man's skin would prevent him from owning land, a gun, or even casting a vote. Read more


The holiday season can bring extra stress with interrupted routines, uncomfortable plane and car travel, and the added costs of gifts and food. If you’re feeling tense this time of year, treat yourself to a massage without breaking the bank. This Body Back Buddy self-massage tool can help you unwind for $30—a third of the price of a professional massage. Here are 3 tips for the most relaxing self-massage: Read more

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Does your Christmas season usually lead to the January blues due to excessive holiday spending? It doesn't have to be that way. With a combination of planning and willpower, you can enjoy a festive holiday without starting the New Year in a big financial hole. Consider these nine ways to celebrate while staying fiscally responsible.

1. Limit Gift Spending – Start by establishing a shopping list and a budget for all of your items. Track special holiday online offers. Consider using price comparison apps and websites. Take advantage of any coupons. Large families can save by drawing names for a gift exchange instead of trying to buy multiple smaller gifts for every family member. If you want more credit, check out our list of credit card offers.

2. Reject Impulse Buying – Retailers expect you to impulse buy...

9 Holiday Shopping Tips

7 Tips To Avoid A New Year's Credit Hangover

4 Steps You Need To Take NOW To Save On Holiday Gifts Read more

Handmade in Portland in a variety of designs from sweet to sassy, guaranteed to please the crafter in your life! Find these and many more beautiful gifts, from Italian scissors to embroidery kits, to fine yarns and tools for all at the Yarn Bar on Grand. Read more