One local business owner is turning the ideas of customers into artwork.

This month on made in Idaho KPVI’s Conner Board visited the Pocatello company "Ideas on Wood."

Ideas on Wood has been on East Halliday Street in Pocatello since October - but has been in business for three years.

"People are happy, I was pretty busy for Christmas time, I was doing a lot of things,” explains Marc Frazier, the owner of Ideas on Wood. “And it's just me, so it keeps you busy."

Marc can put any picture or quote onto any shape of wood. His favorite part is being able to make something special for customers.

"People will want like, shadow boxes, and they are all custom, so it is any size they want. Regular wood frames, signs, signage, I have done a few business signs."

He realized his love for creating wooden art after he made a four foot tall Dodgers sign out of barn wood for his son.

"Once I started doing it, I just thought of all the different things I can make,” smiles Marc Frazier. “I mean it's pretty much endless, the possibilities are endless."

With the amount Marc's making he needs a lot of wood, and he says about 50% is recycled.

"I’ll go around to like different shops in town, a lot of their scraps they will give to me. They have already used the wood, so whatever they have they are just throwing away."

But he has even created art on other materials.

"This guy called me up and was like, can you put something on this antler? It's a moose antler, so I did, and he brought back another one, so I put his last name and a silhouette of a moose on it."

Marc helps customers show Idaho pride by creating Idaho shaped products.

"Right now I'm doing a project where I'm putting about 10 to 12 pictures on the Idaho."

So no matter your idea, Marc wants to put it on wood.

"I will be willing to do anything, to try anything, so if you have something that you don't think is able to be done, I will definitely give it a try."

If you would like to place an order for your very own Ideas on Wood creation, you can visit their Facebook and Instagram. They also sell products on the website “Etsy” or at their store on 501 East Halliday Street in Pocatello.

You can call (208) 240-3612 for more information.


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