The Popcorn Shop in Pocatello started in 2003 with a pastor and a school teacher eager for a new adventure.

"It’s a totally different life than we have lived,” says founding owner Harley Bennett. “But we have enjoyed it very much."

They lived in the back of the shop for the first six years, and with their daughter and son-in-law being Co-Owners, the shop is truly a part of the family.

"Our kids, you know I would say this is home away from home for them definitely,” says Co-Owner Christy Kelshaw. “For a couple of them they don't remember before we owned this. They joke that they have all been working here since birth."

They started with 12 flavors of popcorn and now have over 30 combinations.

"Sharon and  Christy invented the Huckleberry Cheesecake by putting different things together and that has actually become our primary selling flavor," explains Harley Bennett.

Not only does the shop value the taste of their popcorn, they also value the feeling their popcorn gives their customers.

 "People say I was having a bad day and I just needed some popcorn, or my uncle so-and-so is on dialysis and all he wants is popcorn, and it makes it happy when I bring it to him,” says Christy Kelshaw. “And that is an incredible thing. To be able to make popcorn and make people's lives just a little bit happier."

They say Christmas is a busy time in the popcorn shop.

"Lots and lots of gift boxes around Christmas,” smiles Christy Kelshaw. “You do an assortment of popcorn, candy, and nuts. Tins that people ship, and give as gifts. The recipients can come in all year and fill them with a discount."

They have pipe dreams of expanding to Boise, but for now want to focus on the Pocatello shop and their relationships with customers and the community.

"Not just to have business, but to really be a part of this community. Pocatello is, we love Pocatello, it's our home, we love living here, and we love being a part of the business community," says Harley Bennett.

You can buy yourself some popcorn at the shop in Pocatello, online, or at the many stores that sell their product throughout east Idaho.

In Pocatello their product is sold at many grocery stores and gas stations, including Winco.

To view their flavors and learn more, here is the link to their website:


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