The company that owns Portnuef Medical Center has been sold. LHP Hospital Group Inc., announce that it will merge with Ardent Health Services. Ardent Health Services’ Spokeswoman says, this merger will not only be a positive change for both companies, but most importantly the community.

It’s a new day at Portnuef Medical Center. The hospital in Pocatello of LHP Hospital Group Inc., and Nashville based Ardent Health Services, have now become one. Tyra Palmer the Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations of Ardent Health Services says, "For Ardent Health Services the opportunity to merge with LHP Hospital Group into our company really provides opportunity for advancements or synergies and really create a greater expansion of the model that we have today in other communities."

Ardent representatives say many hospitals have challenges in front of them. Palmer says, "It is just something that many organizations across the U.S. are looking at to say, 'How can we provide high quality care?' in an efficient manner and one in which is really focus primarily on the patient."

The company made big contributions for advanced services in their other hospitals, in New Mexico and Oklahoma. But only time can tell what improvements may come to Portnuef Medical Center. "Today I can't tell you exactly what may change in terms of that particular hospital, but we are dedicated and we do have a track record of providing investments,” says Palmer.

As for internal changes, representatives say, "We hope that they don't experience any changes from this announcement. We do not any significant changes at all."

Portneuf Medical Center employs more than a thousand people, and Palmer tells KPVI in the next few weeks Ardent Health Services owners will visit hospitals LHP Hospital Group Inc., owns. They’ll begin working with leadership and learning more about those hospitals. Also, pending reviews and approvals the transaction is expected to close in early 2017. 


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