Hundreds of community members attended the 28th annual Spring Heart and Health Fair at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls on Saturday.

KPVI News that Works for You was there and spoke to EIRMC officials, health professionals and participants in the event.

“I like the results I get.  I like the information, that it’s quick and then if you have problems or need further information, they give you a doctor, a nurse or somebody to call and talk to help improve your health,” says Jerry Knowles,  Event Attendee.

KPVI ran in Jerry Knowles doing a body fat analysis.  He has been attending the Heart and Health Fair for the last five years and says coming to this event has helped him improve his lifestyle.

“I exercise more regularly because of it and I watch what I eat because of it, so it has been of great benefit to me,” says Knowles.

Jason Liebee says this is his first time attending the event.

“We’re all getting up in age, so it’s good to learn to take care of our bodies and be more healthy,” says Jason Liebee, Event Attendee.

Coleen Niemann is the Director of Marketing and Community Relations for Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls.  She says there are a number of reasons why this event is so important to hold for the community.

“A lot of people are very interested in education.  They are very interested in tracking their numbers, so we offer opportunities for them to learn about their risks for stroke, to interpret numbers around heart health,” says Coleen Niemann, Director of Marketing and Community Relations at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.

Dr. Jack Lassetter is a cardiologist at EIRMC.  He was at the event talking to community members about their health and a little ‘hearty’ treat to go along with the information.  He says people should be aware of their overall health, like blood pressure and cholesterol numbers and protecting themselves from cardiovascular disease, stroke and diabetes.

“So it’s important to know those things and this is a service provided by EIRMC, free to the community to get those things screened so they can be aware and start to work on those things to make themselves healthy,” says Dr. Jack Lassetter, Cardiologist at EIRMC.

For those who had lab work done at one of their blood draw opportunities, they  were able to get their results at Saturday’s event.


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