Incredible video from a Facebook post shows a toddler getting high from parents around him, and now arrests have been made. The alleged incident occurred on the Fort Hall reservation.

Fort Hall Police aren’t releasing much about the situation, except that two female adults have been arrested and are currently sitting in Fort Hall jail for child endangerment. As for the others in the video, police are in process of requesting arrest warrants for them.

This shocking Facebook video shows four adults smoking a joint in front of a toddler, whose face we’ve decided to blur. In the video a woman can be seen trying to blow smoke into the toddler’s mouth, and she tries it again, this time the child turns his head away.

Fort Hall Police say that two women were arrested for child endangerment. Investigators are working on two warrants for the other two adults seen in the video, one man and another woman.

The five minute video was posted on Facebook Saturday and has gone viral with several comments from people expressing both concern and anger for the child’s well-being. Fort Hall Police won’t release any names or booking photos of the suspects but they are thanking the community for bringing awareness to the video, which helped them make a quick arrest.

Fort Hall Police Chief Pat Teton says they cannot release any more information on the case because it’s an ongoing investigation. 


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Yeah, because nobody drinks or smokes cigarettes in front of kids either.... oh wait. We see that everyday. It's wrong to expose kids to ANY of that. So, the real question is: why the drastic stigma differences from one substance to another? Hint: it's what the media tell their sheep. Alcohol gooood, pot baaaaad.

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