Governor Brad Little at the Chubbuck City Hall Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On Tuesday, Governor Brad Little joined Chubbuck Mayor, Kevin England in a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the grand opening of the new Chubbuck City Hall.

“You know, this is going to be the place where existing businesses and new businesses come to get their paperwork for a permit, a building, sewer, water, road, this is the place where we want them to feel welcome and come here. Hopefully people from Chubbuck, and Bannock County that want to stay here and start their family, this is where we want them to feel comfortable to come and launch a business for themselves and their family.” Said Governor Little.

The new 26,000 square foot facility is much bigger than the last and will allow for employees to have their own offices, instead of sharing them like many do now.

“The interesting this is, we do have the space now where work can happen appropriately, and like I said, we have offices that we are able to grow into, and the neat part about that is that we have other community partners that work with us that we are able to offer them an office for now, while it is available. So there are other community groups that are going to be able to come in and have use of this building also.” Mayor England said.

The new facility has improved technology that will allow for employees to get their work done more efficiently.

Governor Little says, “Some cities, the fire is separate from the sewer, the water, you know Chubbuck has a lot of responsibility here so it is important because then there is that dialogue between the different parts of city government to make sure that somebody is not getting in the way of somebody else. You’re going to go downstairs to planning and zoning to get your permit, but it is important that everybody talks collectively and they’re not in silos and say ‘well you’ve got to talk to other people’, they’re all in this building, and that is really important.”

The new facility is located at the corner of Linden avenue and Burley drive in Chubbuck.


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