Simplot Games

Simplot Games (Loran Whited)

One of the nation's most prestigious high school track meets is taking place at ISU's Holt Arena this weekend.


            On Thursday, only 700 students were signed up for the games, but when things kicked off yesterday, just over 1900 high school students were lacing up their spikes and ready to race.


            With about 18 states and 3 countries represented, the 36th annual Simplot Games are as successful as ever, even under new leadership. Besides the logo, not much has changed about the games since new Executive Director Lisa Woodland took over, who says if they have been working  for the past 35 years, they are obviously doing something right.  What makes this event special is there is no qualifier; you can be an experienced and decorated runner, or just beginning. And of course, Lisa told me none of it would be possible without Idaho State University's support.

"The athletes, when they come here, and the coaches know they're going to be taken care of. They are here to run hard, throw far, whatever their event is, and so everybody loves to come. Pocatello is such a friendly place," said Woodland.


            Everyone is invited to the free final competition tomorrow starting at 8 am, and around 11:30 there will be an Olympic style parade of athletes where each will be recognized before the meet wraps up around 4.

            Families and friends of the athletes, and anyone in the community is invited to come cheer on the future track stars.   


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