Not only was it was a day of music, food, and snow machines racing across the water at Jensen's Grove, but it was also a day of hand sanitizing, lots of hand sanitizing.

Mindie Loosli, event organizer, “We're not here to police everybody. We hope everybody can be responsible and respectful of other people and do the right thing and have a good time still."

And by that Mindie Loosli is referring to the annual Celebrate Blackfoot event.  The celebration in Blackfoot included a full car show and the featured snowmobile races over Jensen's Lake.

Members of the Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce didn't want Celebrate Blackfoot to be another canceled event due to the pandemic, so they decided to keep the celebration going.

"We saw all these events being canceled and the negative reaction of the communities and right then we kind of just decided we weren't going to get shut down and whatever we needed to do to make it work we were gonna do,” says event organizer Jake Dye.

The Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce was determined to hold this event. Hand sanitizing and hand washing stations were placed all over the area. According to staff members, there are a lot more than last year."

“Last year we had a few,” says Dye, “we did increase the quantity significantly as far as hand washing stations."

In fact that number doubled, vendors were required to follow strict CDC guidelines when serving food and keeping people safe.

"All of our vendors are required to have sanitizer and if people are touching things they need to sanitize first,” says Loosli, “all of our food vendors have to pass a health inspection through the health department as well."

The other reason for throwing this event: giving the community a sense of hope.

"I can sound grandiose but I really hope that people get a little bit of hope that life can go on and we can still be responsible,” explains Dye.

The money made by vendors will go towards local businesses that have also been impacted by the corona virus.


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