Like many shelters, Remembering Ruby Rabbit Rescue brings in animals, has them spayed and neutered, and then finds them homes. Unlike many shelters though, the four-legged animals at this shelter are all rabbits.

Volunteer Lyndsey Rasmussen says, "Rabbits are one of the most popular animals outside dogs and cats, but they're one of the most abused."

It's that reason Rasmussen volunteers her time at the shelter.

Rasmussen says, "It's really rewarding work to come in and help them when they don't have anywhere else to go."

Sadly, sometimes that rewarding work is cut short when the shelter has to refuse taking new rabbits.

Rescue Coordinator Erin Falgoust says, "We have a hard time taking in lots and lots of litters at one time because we don't have the funding to take care of that many at one time."

Volunteers likes Rasmussen make sure the rabbits the shelter is able to take in are in in their best shape before they are ready to go to a new home.

Yabbit is one of the rabbits up for adoption at the shelter. There is a fee of $30 each or $45 for a bonded pair.

The adoption cost is nothing in comparison to what the shelter pays for a spaying or neutering.

Falgoust says, "It costs us a $115 to neuter a male rabbit, or $135 to spay a female rabbit."

Having the rabbits fixed means there will be no surprise litters, makes them easier to train to use a litter box, and it also helps with their temperament, which some say is the best thing about a pet rabbit.

Rasmussen says, "Right now my favorite is Wilma back here. She wants to be around you, she wants to be pet, she wants to come out and do things with you. She's so much fun."

The shelter is a non-profit and can always use donations to help pay for the veterinary care each rabbit receives before it it is able to go to a new home. Currently, the shelter also needs more volunteers. To find out how to donate, or to volunteer at the shelter, visit the shelter's Facebook at:


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