A local event sent people rolling down a river.

The ‘Portneuf River Vision’ hosted their first ‘Poky Portneuf Paddle’ river float this week and officials say it was a success.

“Clearly Pocatelloans like to float the river and it was a lot of fun, so we’re just thrilled to pieces,” says Hannah Sanger, ‘Portneuf River Vision.’

According to event organizers, the community was loud and clear about wanting events on the river.

“They wanted access to the river and one of the things we noticed is people weren’t using the river and so we wanted to teat out how to use the river, get people down to the river so they could experience it and give us feedback,” says Sanger.

Event organizers say about a thousand floaters floated their way down the river to Centennial Park where hundreds of on-lookers stood by as they completed their river floating adventure.

“We had paddle boards.  We had kayaks.  We had tubes.  We had people just going down in their life jackets.  We had a paddle boat.  We had just all sorts of different crafts.  It was really fun,” says Sanger.

Floaters could do the three mile float which started at Edson Fichter or the half mile float started at Taysom Rotary Park, and at the end of the float, participants were greeted with an after party filled with music and food trucks.

Safety was also a high priority.

“So water quality is safe for floating.  It’s safe for swimming in that section we were encouraging people to float from Edson Fichter to Centennial Park.  The flow right now is low, and so the water levels are, you know, generally one and a half to three feet, so depending on your swimming abilities and adult supervision, yes, great place for families,” says Sanger.

Officials hope more people will take advantage of the river after this event.

“So one of the really exciting outcomes of this, is letting everybody know that this river is open for floating whenever,” says Sanger.

Event organizers say if you are planning on floating the river, summer is a good time to do it, but always check level conditions before trying to float the river and the concrete channel near the downtown area is off limits.


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