A local home improvement store is helping veterans.

Veterans from the Bannock County Veteran’s Memorial Building say they’ve wanted to beautify the outdoor area of the facility for outside events.

“A lot of weddings, really any event outside where we have some ceremonies and things of that nature,” says John White, President of the Bannock County Veteran’s Memorial Association.

When the local Home Depot caught wind of this, they offered to step in and build a new gazebo.

Through the Home Depot Foundation they were able to get all the materials needed for the project.

“From day one Home Depot, veterans have been a big part of Home Depot and just the culture behind us.  Not only on people that we hire in and we love bringing in veterans and giving them jobs but also we see what they do for us,” says Brad Landon, Home Depot Store Manager.

The Home Depot team says 17 associates volunteered their time to build the gazebo and it cost just under $5,000 dollars.

“It’s really just a great opportunity for us to have our associates go out and serve our local veterans and give back to what they’ve done for us,”

The Team Depot Captain of the project says being part of the process was a rewarding feeling.

“You get kind of emotional because you get to talk to different vets and they tell you their experiences and so it’s just really heartwarming,” says Janelle Gillespie, Assistant Store Manager and Team Depot Captain.

Now that the gazebo is finished and on site, veterans say it means a lot to them.

“As you know the building works on a really, really tight budget, so to have something of that nature donated to this facility, just means the world to us,” says White.

Home Depot says this is their fifth project this year that benefits local veterans.

The Home Depot Foundation has a goal to donate a half billion dollars to veteran’s causes by the year 2025.


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