A local man’s body has been found after a drowning on Sunday afternoon.

KPVI’s Deanne Coffin met with the Power County Sheriff’s Office at the American Falls Reservoir where an afternoon boat ride turned into a tragedy.

Power County officials say 53 year old Bradley Miller of Pocatello and a woman were out on a boat at the American Falls Reservoir Sunday afternoon.

Officials say it was a windy day  and as they took off from the west side dock of the reservoir, a hat fell into the water.

After making several attempts to retrieve the hat, Miller jumped in the water to get it.

The boat was in neutral and started drifting away from Miller.

“So the occupant of the boat didn’t really understand how it ran, so they finally were able to talk back and forth to get it back into gear.  She made a couple of passes to pick him back up but she wasn’t able to, so she stopped the boat.  She tried to throw him a life preserver and a buey, so he wasn’t wearing a life vest and she couldn’t locate the vest in the boat, so she actually just threw a buey to him and the buey, because of the wind, he wasn’t able to grab a hold of the buey and then about that time everybody started to think this isn’t going to end very well, so she called 911 and he indicated that he was going to try to swim to the shore and he didn’t make it,” says Max Sprague, Power County Sheriff’s Office.

According to Power County officials, they recovered Miller’s body around 9:30 Monday morning in the area around the west side of the American Falls Dam and they say that it’s almost the same area where four men drowned back in August of 2010.

“If you go in the water it would probably be pretty smart to have a life vest with you,” says Sprague.

Power County officials say after the incident with the four men drowning nine years ago to this month, they now have life vest stations set up around the reservoir for people that need them.


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