The winter concert has become a holiday tradition at ISU, and this is the 7th year it's happening. The 'Joy to the World' concert ran over the weekend and was a combination of both ISU symphony and vocalists.

We caught up with one of the conductors to find out what kind of effort it takes to bring those two different forms of music together.

The first time a combination of choir and symphony happened was Beethoven’s 9th symphony, with the "Ode to Joy".

ISU organizations are coming together to capture that magic with the Camerata Singers, ISU Choirs, and the Idaho State Civic Symphony all performing together.

Julie Sorensen, Director of Orchestras, said "throughout the generations we have seen that there is a power that comes with voice text... And then that kind of intangible quality that music itself brings..."

Julie Sorensen is the one of the conductors that works with the groups. She usually works with the orchestra, but wears multiple hats when it comes to this kind of pairing. The two groups come together to form one cohesive unit and there is a lot to think about during a performance.

Sorensen also said "You are constantly aware of every part... Of entrances of exits... Of the shape of the music... And there is never a time you can let your guard down... Because just as it would imply... A large group like that is kind of a big bus to drive..."

A large performance like this starts in preparation stages.

Vocal Director Scott Anderson and the Director of Orchestras Julie Sorenson work individually with their groups and then when they come together they both take on the responsibilities of both. Months of preparation help them be a director for a group of almost 250 people.

Sorensen explains how the preparation helps "Not only am i having to pay attention to the cellos and the trumpets and the percussion... I'm also having to pay attention as does Scott when he's in front of the group... To the entrances and the text that the choir sings and their cutoffs and their entrances... So it adds an additional level of responsibility to the music so it's quite a lot of fun..."

If you missed the 'Joy to the World' concert this weekend their next concert is coming up on February 8th, where they are going to perform some unique jazz pieces.


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