A unique promposal took place this past spring in the mountains along Pocatello.

Jordon Michaelson asked his friend Aaliyah Murdoch to his Pocatello High School Senior Prom by spelling out “PROM” across the mountains in Pocatello using white plastic.

Jordon and his dad wrote it across the mountains and then his two sisters asked Aaliyah to go on a ride with them and drove her around a specific area of Pocatello where they told her to look at the mountains.

Aaliyah Murdoch, Senior, Pocatello High School said, "Well I kinda saw it coming because ti was kind of suspicious and they were on the phone together and so I thought something was going to happen but I was super confused when she pointed to the mountain because I didn't know it was for me and then I opened the glove compartment."

When she opened the glove compartment of the car, in it was a poster and candy and it all made sense that the promposal was indeed for her.


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