Pocatello has one of the most technological advanced Traffic Centers in all of Idaho, and we got to look inside.

The Traffic Center is located at the Pocatello Street Department on Garrett Way, where all of the signalized intersections are monitored from including the ones in Chubbuck to keep the traffic flowing as smoothly as possible.

There they can access over 200 traffic cameras, so that they can see what is going on at intersections and monitor them especially on days where there's snow or even when construction may be going on.

On construction days, they could manually control the signals to almost make it seem like that construction isn't even happening.

The Traffic Center is one of the few places that use performance metrics which allows them to collect real time data as cars move through using sensors and Bluetooth, while also pulling data from previous days to find better fixes for previous traffic jams.

Tom Kirkman, Deputy Public Works Director, City of Pocatello said, "We're able to move trucking companies through fast ,we're able to move vehicles fast so people aren't sitting at a stoplight excessively burning fuel. We just try and make the movements through our community as efficient as possible."

The Traffic Center also allows them to analyze traffic patterns to properly plan for future growth.


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