Stephen Timm a Pocatello resident says he wouldn't support a consolidation between Pocatello and Chubbuck, a topic discussion that's been had for years.

"Not really. Chubbuck doesn't want to be consolidated the majority of the people there are against it and I don't blame them," says Timm.

But Bannock County Commissioner of District 1 Jeff Hough says it's not a consolidating question, but rather a study to explore consolidation.

"It's not a consolidation question it's to study the question," says Hough.

The Bannock County Commissioner said as a taxpayer, it would be interesting to see what the study could find.

"As a citizen as a taxpaying citizen I'm interested in that I would be curious to see what happens," says Hough.

But some people within the Chubbuck community according to Chubbuck Mayor Kevin England say residents would rather not have their tax dollars spent that way.

"One fella said I'm concerned because if we say 'yeah go ahead and study it' they're gonna say oh that means we can use tax dollars to study it because the people want to study it. And he said I certainly don't want that," said England. 

Mayor England added people seem tired of seeing the question being brought up, especially in a ballot even if it's just an advisory question.

"People are a little tired of the question it's the several-th time its come up and it came up last year and we were a little surprised to see it come back up again," emphasized England.

Commissioner Hough says consolidating the two cities together would lead to certain efficiencies in scale. For example, combining two police departments into one.

But Mayor England says even if the Commissioners have the authority to add an advisory question like this, he doesn't know if they should.

"Legally they have the authority. Politically should they? That's debatable," claimed England.

Hough says the question is non-binding it doesn't hold any power unless people vote yes on it.

"It's nothing more than an advisory question to see if there's interest to study the issue," stated Hough.


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I'm just curious as to what people pushed for this to be on the ballot. That way, we know who to vote out of office next time around.

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