Just before 4:00 p.m., Judge Faren Eddins decided the state had presented enough evidence during the last two days for Chad Daybell to move forward to a trial. Daybell will have an arraignment with the district court on August 21. During today's proceedings, one of the most jarring testimonies came from an FBI agent who described how difficult it was for his team to locate the remains of Tylee Ryan.

The state called a handful of new witnesses to the stand during the preliminary hearing for Chad Daybell. Monday, a local detective describe what it was like finding the remains of J.J. Vallow. Tuesday, an FBI agent told the court why it proved to be more difficult to find Tylee Ryan.

Special Agent Steve Daniels said, "The difficulty, I think for us, for this one was the way these human remains were found."

Special Agent Steve Daniels took the witness stand Tuesday morning. He was the lead FBI agent during the June 9 and June 10 search of Chad Daybell's property in Salem.

After finding the remains of J.J. Vallow on June 9, his team turned to what he called a "pet cemeter" to look for the remains of Tylee Ryan.

Agent Daniels explained, "We hit a bone, sticking out of the ground and it kind of leads into some flesh."

The FBI had an anthropologist on scene to help distinguish animal bone from human bone. Eventually, they determined the area they were excavating was "a mass of dismembered human remains, burnt, partially burnt."

The team had to stop the search at the end of the first day but on June 10 Daniels said they found "this melted, green bucket. And to the bottom and to the side of that green bucket, we eventually find a skull. And then to the side of that skull, we find a mandible with some teeth. Those are the things that you could finally see and recognize out of this mass."

Just days later, the Ada County Coroner's Office would positively identify those remains to be Tylee Ryan.


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