One local festival serves up more than 2,000 pounds of French fries in a five hour period. It's the annual Idaho AgFest and it's taking place tomorrow.

Dozens of people rushed around the Pinecrest Event Center Friday preparing for the fourth annual AgFest.

Taylor and Sons Farms CEO Phil Simpson says, "It's not only about appreciation. So, they'll all receive free entrance, free meal ticket, (them and their families), but it's also about helping us improve our lifestyles."

Saturday will be all about appreciation.

Idaho AgFest is a celebration of those who work in one of Idaho's largest industries: agriculture.

AgFest volunteer Vanessa Medina-Padilla says, "AgFest is like a celebration of being thankful for everyone that works in agriculture because it's not the easiest job, and we're just giving back to everything that they do for us."

To give back to those who work in agriculture, different booths will focus on improving the lives of those workers.

AgFest volunteer Laura Diaz says, "Just services that nobody really knows about, nobody really talks about. They're there for free. Some of them including: there's a program for migrant workers, or just farm workers that can get their GED for free. They'll pay you to get your GED."

That's just one program of many agriculture workers can expect to see at the festival. And for volunteers of AgFest, seeing the good that comes out of the event is even better than the unlimited amount of free French fries that will be served.

AgFest volunteer Niki Perez says, "Especially when the students get their scholarships. Their faces light up and it's so fun."

This year there will be six $1,000 scholarships awarded to children of agriculture workers. That's more than any previous year and for event coordinators, it's extra rewarding after an especially hard planting season.

Simpson says, "We have people working all night long for multiple days, and we have friends coming together and neighbors offering to help one another. Here's a time when all the farmers and ranchers get to show back and say hey we really appreciate you."

Over the last three years, more than 4,500 agriculture workers, and their families, have been recognized for their work at the Idaho AgFest.


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