William J. Malufau, 34 of Ammon

William J. Malufau, 34 of Ammon

Bonneville County Sheriff’s Deputies assigned to the Ammon Division responded to a residence on Vaughan St. early Saturday Morning to a physical disturbance. 

Dispatch received the call around 1:30am where it was reported a physical disturbance was in progress between two males with one being held on the ground. 

Deputies arrived and found a neighbor physically holding down 34 year old William J. Malufau in the garage. 

The two were separated as they continued to argue while Deputies attempted to find out what the altercation was about. 

During this time Malufau refused commands by Deputies to stop trying to continue the fight, resulting in Deputies restraining him in handcuffs. 

As Deputies began to restrain Malufau, he continually kicked at and tried to hit them until he had to be physically carried by the Deputies and secured in a patrol car. 

The neighbor and Malufau’s wife advised Deputies Malufau had been drinking heavily and came home angry.  Malufau’s wife told Deputies he had threatened to hit her when the neighbor came over and confronted him after hearing yelling. 

At that time the two were in a physical fight until the neighbor was able to hold Malufau to the ground until Deputies arrived. 

Malufau was transported to the Bonneville County jail where he was booked for Misdemeanor Resisting and Obstructing Arrest.   

 After Deputies secured Malufau into a holding cell, he was booked on an additional Felony charge of Battery Upon Certain Personnel.


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