When your footsteps crunch as you walk it means one thing: fall is in full swing. One organization is raking leaves to make a difference.

Fall colors are fading and that means it's time to bring the rakes out of the garage.

Pocatello Free Clinic board member Kathy Olsen says, "I have about 20 on Friday night and then probably another 20 on Saturday at this point. So, I could use more volunteers who want to show up."

Volunteers will hit the town this weekend to rake the leaves at more than 40 homes in Pocatello. The homeowners will get a clean lawn and in return, they'll donate back to the Pocatello Free Clinic.

Olsen says, "There is a minimum donation of $50 in order for us to rake your lawn. However, we are happy to take as much as 1,000."

One homeowner has already pledged to give that maximum donation this weekend and without that kind of support, the clinic would not be possible.

Pocatello Free Clinic board member Sherrie Joseph says, "We wouldn't be here without the support of our local community, and all the money stays here. We serve people from all the surrounding counties."

To serve people, the free clinic has an annual budget of nearly $230,000. While grants and government funding provide help, fundraising brings in tens of thousands of crucial dollars each year.

Joseph says, "Without continued support we can't continue to provide services."

Homeowners are supporting the clinic this weekend by agreeing to have volunteers come rake their yards.

Last minute volunteers are welcome and only need to bring two things.

Olsen says, "We've got lots of rakes we just need more hands and smiles."

Anyone who would like to volunteer with Rake A Difference should meet at ISU's Frazier Hall before 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.


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