It's been one week since the death Minneapolis man George Floyd. Since then, protests have erupted across the nation against police brutality and racism. Monday afternoon, 18-year-old Katie Johnson led a small protest in Pocatello.

Johnson says, "All of our intentions are all about love. "

After hearing about Floyd's death, Johnson felt like she needed to show her love in some way and soon decided she couldn't be the only way feeling that way saying, "I was driving home from work one day and I realized that there is a lot of people who want to support locally."

So, Johnson took to social media to tell others of her plan to protest on the corner of Flandro Dr. and Yellowstone Ave. However, she made sure that all those who came knew this protest would be peaceful.

Johnson says, "I feel like around here people will not respond to violence. They won't listen to the message of violence. I feel like it's [peaceful protesting] a better way to get to people."

A handful of other young adults felt the same and came to show their support in a peaceful protest. It's that kind of protest that Governor Brad Little praised in a social media post Monday evening saying, "I'm proud of the Idahoans who have channeled their sorrow and anger in peaceful protest."

Many vehicles driving by agreed with the protesters by honking and shouting phrases of support.

However, many drove by who did not support the protest as well. Some adults yelled obscenities from their cars as well as phrases like "Leave Idaho!" and "Go die!"

It's that type of hate this small group of activists is trying to fight against.

Johnson says, "I want people to feel safe no matter where they are. I want them to feel like their voice matters."

To help create that sense of safety, Johnson and the other protesters held signs with information about organizations that work to make that idea a permanent reality. Johnson says, "That's a big thing about this protest is we're sharing links to donate to because that's one of the best things we can do not being people of color."

Other groups have similar protests planned in the Pocatello area this week including a peaceful march and candle vigil that will take place on Saturday.


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