There was plenty of chatter going on at Apprenticeship Day at the Eastern Idaho Electrical Workers training center .

Students were able to get a glimpse of apprenticeships that local businesses offer.

Travis Woolsey, Training Coordinator at Iron Workers 732, told KPVI a bit about what Apprenticeship day is.

"Every year during national apprenticeship week we like to get together with the schools and do some sort of presentation for all of the kids that are getting ready to graduate and going through. Give them a little bit of a career path segue."

Apprenticeship Day was started to show high school students that college is not the only path to a job once high school is done.

Rachel Shryock, a College and Career advisor at Poky high, tells us how she came up with the idea for Friday's event.

"We started talking about what else we can do for the kids, and our job is not just college it's college and careers. So we know that the career side was kind of lacking a little."

Students from all of the Pocatello high schools were in attendance for the event. When asked about how many students were in attendance Rachel Shryock, said "it's about 70 I think total. We got a lot from poky and new horizons is here, highlands is here, century is here, so we're here all together as one big school district."

While some students were just learning about the trade apprenticeships, others were looking to expand their career paths. We asked New Horizon Senior, Dallas Spanbuer, which trades he was looking at.

"I've been walking around seeing what everything has, cause I wasn't just setting my sight just on plumbing. I was going to see what's out there and see what I was most interested in."

We stopped Moises Torres, and asked him about Apprenticeship Day. "It'll work out a lot easier instead of having to spend so much money out of your own pocket to fix it to pay someone else to do it, you could do it yourself." 

He thought that it would be beneficial to have skills that could be practically used around the house. 

The trades that were being shown at the event today ranged across the spectrum, from plumbing to welding all the way to HV/AC. Allowing the students to fully see what their futures can hold.


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