The following is a story written and reported by Eric Grossarth of East Idaho News: 

ST ANTHONY — An Ashton man who entered an Alford plea in the sexual abuse of children is going to prison.

The abuse is covered in two court cases, and many of the details are sealed. Duncan Earl Bollinger, 62, began to abuse a female victim in 2014 when she was 11 years old, and it continued for three years, according to court documents obtained by He signed the Alford plea agreement on June 25 for two counts of felony lewd conduct of a child.

An Alford plea allows a defendant to maintain his innocence, but admits a jury would likely find them guilty with the evidence presented.


District Judge Steven Boyce sentenced Bollinger to 12 to 24 years on each of the counts to run concurrently for the felony lewd conduct charges.

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Court documents suggest drugs were involved in the sex abuse; however, prosecutors only charged Bollinger for the sex offenses.

“The evidence of him giving the minors drugs was in the pre-sentencing investigation,” according to court documents.

In addition to going to prison, Bollinger is required to register as a sex offender. Boyce ordered him to pay $2,000 in fines, $10,000 in civil penalties and to pay into the victim’s relief fund.


Bollinger is ordered to have no contact with the victims and was given credit for the 17 months he spent in jail.


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