Bannock County Commissioner Terrell Tovey says the Board of Equalization is "driving on, " even after the County Assessor Sheri Davies abruptly left property assessment appeal hearings sometime after noon Thursday.

The State Tax Commission has given Bannock County until July 26th to get through 2,880 property assessment appeals. The original deadline was July 8th.

The Assessor's Office gave this statement: "Hours are long and tempers are short and working together can be challenging."

Assessor Davies says she spent the afternoon with the county prosecutor to figure out how to be best prepared for future hearings.

The county commissioners say because there was no representative or information from the Assessor's Office, it was difficult to make rulings in some appeal hearings. 

In some cases, commissioners say they were forced to come up with a value for the appealing party, even without the information they needed.

This comes after the BOE delayed hearings on Friday, Monday and Tuesday because of a "clarification" with the Idaho State Tax Commission.

Assessor Davies says she will be back in appeal hearings Friday.

Davies says appraisers are still calling people who appealed, and even those who did not, to go over their property assessments.


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