Construction on the Benton Street Overpass is almost nearing its completion.

The construction has been ongoing since spring of 2018 to extend the life of the bridge by another 20 years.

Before the project began, the bridge had faulty concrete which caused the rebar to show and most of that concrete has since been replaced.

Additionally, anodes are being installed into the concrete pears so the rebar won’t corrode and the anodes would corrode instead.

There's a low voltage current running through them, along with carbon fiber wrapping around the columns for further strengthening.

Maggie Clark, Public Works Project Manager, City of Pocatello said, "The Benton Street Bridge is a very important connector in our community, it's used by a lot of people every day and so this project will help extend the life and help utilize this structure in the future."

The construction is estimated to be completed by December which is subject to change due to railroad schedules.


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