Big trucks could be allowed to drive as fast as cars if a new bill passes in the Idaho State Legislature.

A new bill has been introduced into the transportation committee by the transportation chairman on the House side.

If passed, there would no longer be two speed limits for trucks and cars on Idaho highways.

Large trucks would no longer be required to drive at a lower speed.

KPVI sat down with State Representative Dustin Manwaring.  He says there’s argument that it’s dangerous to have big trucks driving slower than cars on the highway.

“The argument on the other side that I think we’re going to see is, is it safe for trucks, big trucks to drive that fast.  I’ve heard things about the truck tires not being able to be safe at those higher speeds and so I think it’s going to be a debate and we’ll see if it makes it out of committee,” says Dusting Manwaring, State Representative, District 29, Pocatello.

The Representative says the bill will get a full hearing in front of the transportation committee on the House side.  If it passes there, it would go to the floor before it even goes to the Senate, so it still has a long way to go before it has any traction.


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