The Bingham County Republican Central Committee is hoping to put a measure on the November ballot to be included in the new ‘College of Eastern Idaho’ community college district.

KPVI met with the Republican Central Committee Chairman to find out why this is important to Bingham County.

Over the next few days, members of the Bingham County Central Committee will be going door to door collecting the needed signatures to place a measure on the ballot in November to include Bingham County in the new ‘College of Eastern Idaho’ district.

“When we have a higher educational attainment level, when we have more folks here in Bingham County, thanks to the community college who have post secondary course work, who have gone on  beyond high school, it helps us better attract employers that are willing to offer high paying jobs and it will help our county’s economy.  It will just help our standard of living,” says Dan Cravens, Bingham County Republican Central Committee Chairman.

The committee feels strongly that being included in the new district will help both youth and older residents continue their education and gain new job related skills.

“Our goal is to give students the opportunity here in Bingham County a better opportunity to be able to receive, not only their high school diploma when they graduate from high school, but an Associates Degree as well,” says Cravens.

If this measure is passed, the average Bingham County homeowner can expect to see an $11 to $12 dollar increase in their property taxes each year.

“So it’s a very modest increase for something potentially that could be, we feel an economic development game changer here in the county,” says Cravens.

They will be circulating the petition around until July 13th.

They are hoping to present it to the State Board of Education in August.


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