Bingham County Sheriff's Office Patrol Car

The following information is from Sheriff Craig T. Rowland, Bingham County Sheriff’s Office

During this unprecedented time, he wanted to give everyone some clarification as how the functions within Bingham County Sheriff’s Office will be effected pertaining to its day to day operations the next three weeks.  The essential functions such as patrol, dispatch and jail will all run as normal. 

In regards to inmate visitation, there will be no video visits from within the courthouse all video visits must be done at home utilizing the GTL system at Driver’s License will be closed today and Friday and will re-open on Monday by appointment only.  The Idaho Department of Transportation has granted an extension to anyone whose driver’s license will expire from March 1 to May 31. If you fall in to that category, you will have until June 30 to renew your driver’s license. If you need to come into driver’s license you must call ahead and make an appointment the phone number to call is 208-782-3041. They will have personnel available today answering the phones to make the appointments. Most other Sheriff’s Offices are closing their driver’s license or only doing by appointments. It is my understanding that the deadline for acquiring the STAR card is going to be extended a year so everyone should not get into a rush to get the STAR on their card.  If you need to just renew your license you can do that online at  If you need to get a duplicate license you can also do that online. If you have a CDL you can also renew online unless you have hazmat endorsement then you must come into the driver’s license office. This is a busy time for the farm workers who are coming from other areas to work and will need to get a license or an ID card so for this reason they will stay open.

They will not be doing fingerprints for the next 21 days nor will we be doing concealed weapons permits due to the State being closed.  We will also not be doing Sex Offender registrations for the next 21 days. 

When you come into the Courthouse you will be asked by the front door security personnel what you are here for.  They will also ask you if you have made an appointment and if you have not there will be a list of all available phone numbers so you can call to make an appointment.

Sheriff Craig T. Rowland wants to assure people that the Bingham County Sheriff’s Office is not going to be stopping people for driving down the road. If you need to drive to the store or doctor’s office that is just fine. If you want to take a walk that is fine also. They are going to make sure that people are not gathering in large groups. 

Please do not call dispatch and ask them if you can do something.

Sheriff Rowland knows that this is going to be a burden on the citizens of Bingham County and says "they are here for you and we will get through this."


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