A Blackfoot resident created a TikTok tribute to the 13 soldiers who died in the Kabul airport attack.

Chase Hocking got the idea after seeing multiple tributes on social media, like restaurants reserving a table with 13 drinks, or sporting venues reserving 13 seats with American flags. 

After getting off work Tuesday, Hocking bought 13 flags, made a sign that said “13 flags for our 13 fallen troops.”

With the military being a big part of Hocking's family background, this was an event that hit close to home for him. So, he wanted to pay tribute in any way he could.

Hocking said it took him around two hours to finish. 

Since he put up his tribute, multiple people have reached out to him to express their gratitude for the gesture. 

Hocking said the attack on U.S. troops, some of which were around his age, struck a nerve because he could see himself in their position. 

The 22-year-old said he didn’t do it for the attention, but to bring awareness to a tragedy that hit the hearts of millions. 

“I’m not here for the attention or anything like that I’m just here to show my support.” said Hocking.”

“This is what I thought was correct to do and you know other people can do it too. I’m not saying that you have to be on this side of the political standards to do this. It’s a free country.”

“It’s not about politics. It’s all about our men and women.”


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