Citizens will get the chance to weigh in on the future of the Blackfoot Pool this November.

The group Save the Blackfoot Swimming Pool gathered over 3,000 signatures in support of forming a recreation district, which would include Blackfoot, Snake River and Firth school districts.

According to Mike Virtue, a former Blackfoot mayor and a member of Save the Blackfoot Swimming Pool, this could provide the money to upgrade and reopen the pool in two years through a taxpayer levy, which would generate around $550,000 per year.

But Dan Cravens, the head of the Republican party in Bingham county, says the recreation district's board would make the decision on whether or not to fund the pool. 

Last Wednesday, Bingham County commissioners approved adding a ballot question on the formation of the recreation district to the November ballot this year.

In a voter forum Thursday, some raised concerns about the added tax funding the pool will create.

Citizens in the district will pay $40 annually per $100,000 of taxable land.

"People are always concerned about taxes. I'm concerned about taxes,” says Virtue.

“But we believe that's a reasonable thing to maintain this structure and the opportunities it affords people to swim, to teach kids to swim, to have jobs for young people as life guards, etc., etc."

The ballot question needs 50% plus one vote to pass.


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Ever notice how politicians always say they are worried about taxes, just before they ask you to raise taxes or they raise them on their own?

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