Ada Beth Andersen was greeted with applause and the word miracle was used as she met the people who saved her life when she went into cardiac arrest on May 22nd.

Andersen was finishing a walk with her friends outside of Blackfoot when she suddenly collapsed and didn't have a pulse. Her friends called 911 and began administering CPR until paramedics arrived.

"I have no words to express how thankful I am that miracles happen and people were where they needed to be or I wouldn't be here today," says Andersen.

It took EMT’s 20 minutes to get to Andersen as she lives 14 miles into the country, but once there they began giving her oxygen and used a defibrillator to start her heart and get a pulse.

EMT’s say Andersen is alive because of the quick work of her friends.

"Time is muscle so the longer that muscle, the heart, is without oxygen it can die faster,” said Patrick Park, Blackfoot EMT. “Quick and good CPR is helpful to give the patient a better chance at survival."

Andersen was transported to Bingham Memorial Hospital where she underwent surgery to insert a stent in her main artery. Doctors say only seven percent of people survive an "out of hospital cardiac arrest" and Andersen is lucky to be meeting her saviors.

"I appreciate life more because you realize it can be taken away from you in a moment,” said Andersen.

Andersen has been recovering well with different types of therapies, and has begun walking with her friends again.


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