"We were having to limit the number of entries that were able to come. We had no trailer parking, so this will open the door for many more youth to participate," said Bonneville County Commissioner Bryon Reed.
Events at the Bonneville County fairgrounds will no longer be restricted by size.
The county and Melaleuca unveiled the new fairgrounds that were finished just in time for the fair this year.
"We squeezed about a four-year building project into two years, and it was a challenge," said Reed. 
The new 50-acre fairgrounds are 10 times the size of the old location.
And with two new buildings, the county gets 20,000 extra square feet of event space.
One of those buildings is the Melaleuca Event Center, made possible by a $275,000 donation to be the center for livestock activities, 4-H Club events, and many other youth events that CEO Frank VanderSloot says are some of the main reasons behind the donation.
"Learn responsibility and learn character, learn how to train an animal, take a 1,000 lb. steer and tame him from being wild down to where they're gentle and tame, and all of that is a learning program for kids that's unbelievable, you just can't learn it from an iPad," said VanderSloot.
"Gem clubs, archery clubs, dog clubs, gun clubs, all of them have been interested because we don't have enough event space, particularly event space such as this," said Reed.
The first event held at the new fairgrounds will be the 4-H auction on Thursday, August 8.
To give the community a new look at their facilities, and a look at the impact they will have years to come.

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