Earlier this week, KPVI told you about a state representative who supports defunding Boise State University for not upholding traditional Idaho values.

KPVI has BSU's response to the bathroom fiasco.

District 32 Representative Chad Christensen took to social media last week to urge his followers to sign a petition to defund Boise State University over its gender-neutral bathrooms.

Chad Christensen says, "So, that's my main concern is possible sexual assaults in a bathroom, you know, voyeurism, sexual assaults, and, you know, false allegations."

On Friday, BSU released a statement to KPVI addressing the issue saying:

"For many years, Boise state, like other Idaho universities, has had restrooms across campus that are available to everyone."

The bathroom that led Christensen to his post on Facebook wasn't a family style, gender-neutral bathroom. He says he's fine with those.

Christensen says, "Family, or man or woman bathroom, a single-use bathroom and you lock the door behind you. Yeah, I have no problem with that."

The university says many gender-neutral bathrooms at the school are that type:

"For example, in the Education Building there were so many more women than men we converted many of the men's restrooms to lockable all-user restrooms. Many of these restrooms are also accessible to people with disabilities and have diaper-changing stations — so they are truly designed for 'all users,' which is consistent with our mission to serve all students. They are, generally speaking, single-user lockable restrooms where the toilets and the sinks are all in the same enclosed rooms. Some are labeled all-user. Some are simply labeled restroom."

Christensen says it's not just the bathrooms at BSU that led to the petition to defund the school, but also classes (like one on white privilege) that are offered at the school.

Christensen says, "Boise area is definitely more leftist than the rest of the state. I think that body of people is, you know, is taking over BSU and the issue I have is that tax payers throughout the state pay for BSU; they pay for the college and it doesn't represent all the people of Idaho."

Christensen says the petition is not intended to bully BSU, but rather to put pressure on the university to better represent traditional Idaho values.


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