The southbound walkway of the Center Street Underpass in Pocatello just got a bit more colorful.

Josh Pohlman and another member of the Sixes Painting Group wanted to make the walkway more appealing and add a visual experience throughout its path, so they volunteered to paint it and were approved by the City.

The walkway resembles a kaleidoscope or tie-dye appearance that's laid out throughout the tunnel and is a different shade at each point.

The colors at the ends of the tunnel are light hues that become darker as you walk towards the middle.

Josh Pohlman, Artist from Sixes Painting Group said, "We're really going on a big art initiative for Pocatello right now where we want to go do big walls, big art installations for the City just because the shades of beige around town are great but we really want to do more big art."

It took Josh and another member of his group approximately three and a half days to complete the project.


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