Minor League Baseball doesn't have the same pressures as the big leagues.
For instance, winning and losing isn't necessarily the biggest indicator of success.
While that mentality may be tough at times to overcome as a competitor, manager Omar Ramirez enters year 11 in Idaho Falls with this mindset.
"I tell them, winning is nice. But it's the development first. Just go out there, play hard all the time, come prepared, come and work hard, and at the end winning is going to take care of itself," said Ramirez.
His Chukars squad this season is looking to embrace that, adding 23 new faces with seven that have previous experience in Idaho Falls.
So over three-fourths of the team is getting a new taste of pro ball. Derrick Adams is one of those new guys who has been in Idaho only two days since moving from Alabama.
And what did his friends and family tell him?
"Everybody back home asked me to try potatoes or something," said Adams. 
But when it comes to baseball, Adams is looking forward to seeing how the city embraces the team.
"Coaches and stuff always talk about how this is a fun place to play, big crowds usually come out. So I think that's exciting for me knowing that we're going to come out here and people are going to be watching, it's something to look forward to," said Adams.
"Some of the players that we have this season play in the Arizona League with no fans. So they come to Idaho Falls, and they get 1,500, 2,000 fans every night, so it's going to be exciting for them," said Ramirez. 
Now after a 43-33 season in 2018 with the third best record in the pioneer league, the chukars head into their 2019 campaign this weekend.

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