KPVI takes another look at a Pocatello City Council candidate.

KPVI’s Deanne Coffin met up with incumbent for seat three, Roger Bray who shares why he wants to retain his seat on the city council.

“First of all I need to say I wasn’t going to run.  I really felt like I was at the point where I should step away, but then people came to me and said you know Roger, you need to run.  You represent the poor people and the marginalized people of Pocatello better than anybody else on the council,” says Roger Bray, Incumbent for Seat Three on Pocatello City Council.

Bray says his mission is to get the poor people of Pocatello noticed.

“You know we have 20.2 percent of our people who live at poverty level in Pocatello.  We have another 30.6 percent that are marginalized in terms of struggling.  They can be working and still struggling and so we need to have somebody that understands that we have a problem,” says Bray.

How does he plan on fixing that problem?

“I’m going to continue to advocate for living wage jobs coming into Pocatello.  We can’t have people who are moving into Pocatello expecting to pay minimal wage to the majority of their employees,” says Bray.

Bray says the city needs to be responsible when it comes to taxes and that’s why he’s joining forces with city council candidates Chris Stevens and Claudia Ortega.  All three agree on restraint.

‘If I get some more allies that understand that every time we give what I would call a tax abatement, we’re pushing taxes off on other people for the sake of a company.  Sometimes we’ve done that for five jobs.  I don’t think that’s worth it,” says Bray.

And Bray wants more government transparency.

“To bring things out in the open and have open discussions where we understand what the issues are,” says Bray.

And last but not least, the issue with city employees.  Bray says he was the only one that voted against the raise for the mayor and city council, but came out of the gate wanting to give police and fire a six percent raise.

“We have to maintain a competitive wage to retain the experienced and institutional knowledge that this city direly depends on, so we have to pay our employees fair compensation,” says Bray.

Bray has served three terms on the Pocatello City Council and says his experience is what makes him the right person for the position.

“Well you can say jobs, jobs, jobs, but it’s all about the job you will do here and it’s about representing 56,266 people of Pocatello, not the people that you hope to bring in.  We’ve got to start with the people of Pocatello.  We’ve got to be focused on the people of Pocatello. They’re the ones that’s paying the taxes.  They deserve our first consideration,” concludes Bray.

Other candidates running for seat three on the city council are Idaho Lorax Carta, Ethan Ennis, Arlen Walker and Don Zebe.


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Three terms served is the main reason you should lose the election. The city needs term limits just like ALL political offices need term limits.

Vote him out.

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