Has your water bill been a bit high? Well the city of Pocatello just made it easier to find out why.

Today, the city announced its new WaterSmart software, which allows utility billing customers to see information about their water usage. This includes average gallons used per day, use over a two year period and even money-saving tips to help you conserve water.

The software also gives customers the option to sign up for alerts, which will let you know if there will be disruption to water service or when leaks are detected.

You can also send a message to utility services directly through WaterSmart, which city officials say will help the utility office be more efficient.

"This will provide you the ability to look at it whenever it's convenient for you,” says Cindy Robbins, the Utility Billing Director.

“And…if you have questions, you can just send them, we'll receive them. Anytime we can reduce the phone calls and the waiting for our customers is always a good thing."

To find the link to WaterSmar, head to KPVI.com.


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