Today the community honored fallen Deputy Wyatt Maser. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people participated in Deputy Maser's funeral services throughout the day. Some of those supporting the deputy came from far away.

Chris Heisler says, "Here's a young man that put a badge on every single day. Had a vest on. He went to the danger without any hesitation. He selflessly gave his life for others. When people do that, we have to remember them and we have to honor them."

To honor Deputy Maser, Chris Heisler brought the United States Honor Flag to Idaho Falls. He says, "This flag is here to honor Wyatt and that sacrifice that he made. It's impossible to be forgotten. It [the flag] will continue to go place to place in his honor, and for the honor of those who will fall after him."

The flag symbolizes Deputy Maser's sacrifice for his community. It is a flag that has done so for thousands of officers across the county as well as the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

Along with the traveling flag, hundreds of officers from surrendering cities, counties and states showed up to send off their brother in blue.

That love for fellow officer now extends to Deputy Maser's family. Heisler says, "They are in a very warm blanket of blue all over the nation."

That warm blanket of blue will embrace Deputy Maser's family forever, and his legacy will live on in the community as well as through the honor flag. Heisler says, "His sacrifice isn't going to be forgotten. It's not going to be here today and gone tomorrow. His legacy will be part of what this flag is all about."

If you were unable to attend deputy maser's funeral services you can watch them in their entirety on the U.S. Honor Flag's Facebook page.


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