The Better Business Bureau is warning of a new scam targeting young or expecting moms.

You may receive a card in the mail that appears to be from a friend named Jenny B with a gift card inside.

They actually aren't from a friend but are tied to a marketing scheme from a company called Mother's Lounge, LLC, a Utah based company.

Inside it may congratulate you on your pregnancy and include coupons, but in the long run when you order the items they are of poor quality and will actually cost you more.

Jeremy Johnson, Marketplace Manager at Better Business Bureau Northwest and Pacific said, "If you receive one of these cards from Mother's Lounge and it appears to look like it's from a friend, just be weary of what that card may result in. While you may be excited and want to order these products we have seen that these gift cards can increase shipping."

You should always double check your mail and gift cards to make sure they are legitimate and actually from a friend, not a fake person or company trying to get your money.


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