Garth Brooks showed up on the big screen at a local drive-in over the weekend. 

The Idan-Ha' Drive-in Theatre in Soda Springs played over an hour of Garth Brooks on their screen for tailgaters. 

About 98 cars full of people showed up to watch the pre-recorded concert of Brooks. 

The owner of the drive-in theatre says it was similar to experiencing a movie at the drive-in. 

“We did our due diligence to maintain that six-foot social distancing if you will, so, but yeah it was kind of a fun night.  It did rain on us a little bit, right at first but it really sparked the enthusiasm when the ‘Thunder Rolls’ came on by Garth Brooks and it just made it real feeling and brought a lot of electricity in the air and people were singing and dancing.  It was crazy.  It was a pretty good time,” says Jared Davis, Idan-Ha Drive-In Theatre. 

The owner says he hopes they can do more of these types of shows again. 


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