The Mother of two missing Rexburg kids has been arrested and KPVI learns new information.

Court documents obtained lay out the reasons why Lori Vallow Daybell was charged on Thursday.

Court documents show that after Lori Vallow Daybell told police that Joshua Vallow was staying with a friend in Arizona.  Detectives contacted that friend only to find out that Joshua had not been staying there and she had not seen him for several months.

That same friend later contacted Rexburg Police saying that both Chad and Lori Daybell had called her and asked her to tell police that she had Joshua, even though he was not with her and she denied their requests, which delayed the investigation.

Court documents also show that Lori told her friend that her daughter Tylee Ryan was attending classes at BYU-Idaho, however, a records check at BYU-Idaho indicate that Tylee was never enrolled at BYU-Idaho.

Throughout the investigation police were able to determine through phone records that Tylee was with Lori, Lori’s brother Alex and Joshua on a day trip to Yellowstone National Park on September 8th.

Police obtained a photo from  Lori’s i-cloud account of Tylee that was also time-stamped from that day.

Investigators also reviewed Lori’s bank and financial information and didn’t find anything that would suggest Lori is providing money to anyone to care for Joshua and Tylee and no evidence that anyone is providing for the housing, food, clothing, education or medical care of Joshua since September 24rh and Tylee since September 8th.

Investigators also learned that Lori had gotten rid of her son’s service dog just before the move to Idaho.

The dog, named Bailey, was placed with Joshua to help with his autism.


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